Hi There!

I vividly remember the look my parents gave 16 year old me, as I announced my plan to spend the only $4000 I had ever earned busing tables on a single purchase. Not a car, not tuition, a single camera.

That’s the intensity and decisiveness that would allow me to flourish two years later when I launched my own production company, Konspiracy Studios. By 21 I was cutting TV shows on channels like National Geographic, G4 and Travel Channel.

I’m the byproduct of strong work ethic colliding with a rapidly developing technological landscape. With the ability to dabble in design, production, code and graphics before committing to editing as my primary specialty forged a well-rounded creative.

Stylistically I’m known for fast, edgy projects with exceptional polish, but my true strength is a go-getting, big picture viewing entrepreneurial attitude with persistence to see projects through. In and out of the office I’m a total adrenaline junkie determined to lead a unique life. I’m big into snowboarding, crossfit and eating well. I’m also more likely to ask for forgiveness than permission. Usually, that works out.