Bolt Jr+ Cinema Robot

High speed motion control cinema robot by MRMC.

4.7' reach, 9.4' wingspan. 22 lb payload, 30' of track, and turntable.

Portable. Available in studio and on location.

Based in Philadelphia. Available on the East Coast.

Magician John Stessel at Mocolab.

Unbeatable Tabletop Shots

Target Tracking


Bolt Jr+


22 lbs


648 lbs


1x 200-220 VAC

Generator Friendly


3x 9.8ft sections




44lb payload


The Bolt Jr. is a portable motion control option that can be set up and ready for action in under an hour, making it an obvious choice for use on location.

Mark Roberts Motion Control is the industry standard robotic camera arm manufacturer allowing productions achieve precise, frame accurate, repeatable high speed moves.

Pair this movement with a 1000 fps Phantom Flex for unbelievably fluid results. Moves can also mimic an organic handheld feel.

The Bolt system is a 6 axis robot, with track providing a 7th axis of motion. The only comparable experience would be manipulating a camera inside 3d software.

The Bolt Programmer uses Flair Software to move the camera forward/back (dolly), up/down (pedestal), left/right (truck), yaw (pan), pitch (tilt), and roll while the base moves in a linear path along the track. 

Flair also controls integrated focus and zoom motors powering target tracking, as well as rack focus control.  

The pinpoint accuracy of the Bolt is critical for VFX work. The platform communicates with other hardware and software tools.

Sell your vision with previsualization services. We'll consult with you to generate an animatic for your treatment or bid. On the shoot day we'll load the same move and you're ready to shoot.

Level up production by taking control of turntables, model movers, and DMX lighting.

Save time in post-production by leveraging unreal engine and a LED wall for virtual production, or export moves to and from Maya.

The possibilities are endless and exciting.

Visit for a quote or to learn more, or contact Mike directly.

Bolt High Speed Showreel – MRMC

Rapid Acceleration

30' Precision Track

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